Sport & Exercise

Research Methods
Gratton, C., & Jones, I
Research Methods for Sports Studies (3rd Edition) (2014)
London: Routledge

Weinberg, R., & Gould, D
Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology (6th Edition) (2014)
Champaign IL.: Human Kinetics

McArdle, W.D., Katch, F.I. & Katch, V.L.
Exercise Physiology – Energy, Nutrition and Human Performance (7th Edition) (2014)
Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

Bartlett, R. M.
Introduction to Sports Biomechanics: Analysing Human Movement Patterns (2nd Edition). (2007) London: Routledge.
Second choice: Blazevich, A. J. (2010). Biomechanics: The Basics: Optimising Human Performance (2nd Edition).  London: A & C Black Publishers Ltd.

Business and Marketing
Hoye & Smith et al
Sport Management: Principles and Applications (Sport Management Series) (2015)
London: Routledge

Anderson, E
Sport, Theory and Social Problems: A critical Introduction (2010)
London: Routledge

Nash, C.
Practical Sports Coaching (2014)
London: Routledge

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